Bhavachakra 02 Samsara and Nirvana Audio Lecture

The Wheel of Becoming: The Real Message of Buddhism

Popularly called “the Wheel of Samsara,” the Bhavachakra is one of the most important symbols in Buddhism, being an illustration of everything that exists and how existence functions. While the superficial, public-level meanings are fairly well-known (such as the three poisons, the twelve nidanas, the six realms), few know that the actual purpose of the symbol is very deep, revealing the inner workings of our mind, and thereby illustrates the source of suffering (samsara) or liberation from suffering (nirvana).

Samsara and Nirvana are important conceptual terms in Asian religions, but do not refer merely to worlds of form. Most importantly, they refer to states of consciousness that are determined by the condition of our mind. This lecture explains consciousness, awareness, the Absolute (Sunyata, the Void, the Emptiness, the Ain Soph), and much more.

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