Full Episode | Science Literacy and Alternative Facts, with Bill Nye

In a world clouded by alternative facts, science is here to make things clear. Bill Nye is back on StarTalk All-Stars with comic co-host Chuck Nice and special guest Ross Andersen, the Senior Editor of The Atlantic, where he oversees all things science, technology and health. Listen and learn as we delve into a discussion on science literacy and the search for truth. Hear why Ross believes people are still optimistic about science despite the politicizing of hot-button issues. Explore how infusing science with patriotic pride might solve cognitive dissonance and political disagreement. You’ll also hear our panel contemplate methods on how to have civil discussions with people who have opposing ideas and who argue based on false knowledge. Find out some of the sources available that offer quality science literature online and in print. Discover how some scientific causes can become mixed up in the battle of political identity. Learn why the denial of climate change science may lead to the United States surrendering its leading global position in scientific study and research. All that, plus, fan-submitted Cosmic Queries that range from, “Is social media making us dumber?” to, “What are the odds of Bill and Neil reaching out to the administration to propose goals for space exploration?”

This episode originally aired on 3/21/17

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