HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON three Trailer (2019)

First trailer for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON three

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30 Comments to HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON three Trailer (2019)

  1. Enjoy the first trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3


  3. I almost cried during this, and we now know why night furies are almost extinct!!! Also I ship it!!!

  4. Riolu Girl says:

    i just can't wait untill this comes out!!!

  5. 2:23 when they give me a 50 question math test

  6. My ad for this video was a this trailer

  7. Platinum SAS says:

    Why is Grimmel's Armada have a same flag as Drago's Armada?

  8. I got the ad of this movie before the video lol

  9. 흑자 says:

    어렸을 때 용이 있었어요…과거형이네 설마 투슬리스가 히컵 두고 떠나는건가…

  10. Zonester05 says:

    The animations wierd especially the white night fury

  11. Vikrant says:

    2:19 Pick up line of Toothless

  12. Dashdash Go says:

    LMAO those mating rituals tho!

  13. 흑자 says:

    수염 기르지마라…

  14. i honestly don't like things like this but I LOVE IT ! this gave me goose bumps twice oml!!!!

  15. Mia0967 says:

    tbh they should have stopped at the first one

  16. MehrAsa Ng says:

    Whu does he look like jake Gyllenhaal so much 😂

  17. Kalubi 2 says:

    I got the ad for this on this video

  18. Yolo M8 says:

    Are they the same species?

  19. When is the release or the year of release?


  21. Toothless reminds me of a massive cat

  22. ray nge says:

    I don't really like Astrid's new look tho 🙁

  23. Renton Stein says:

    I thought toothless had a thing going on with Hiccups mom's dragon

  24. Tori Turo says:

    the beard though… it looks weird on him…

  25. I thought it was jake gyllenhaal😂

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