John Mayer – New Mild (Premium Content material!)

“New Mild” accessible now:
(C) 2018 Snack Cash

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47 Comments to John Mayer – New Mild (Premium Content material!)

  1. Mr. T. says:

    -> John Mayer Covers Its my house from Diana Ross

  2. Ih kyk gini aja keren…emang lain die nih…siape beh ente nih sbnarnye?

  3. If y'all want funny y'all better watch it in 2x speed😂😂, but if you seriously want the vibe, watch at 0.75x speed.

  4. InzSat says:

    Love this song! 😍

  5. rihe91 says:

    Here because of sungha

  6. Jenna Smith says:

    Is anyone else reminiscing of the prancing lady on one of his videos???

  7. This video is so geeky its adorable.

  8. 1K Words says:

    still laughing a month later!

  9. Looks like he just grabbed any outfit from the floor for this video

  10. Quality content. This needs more views

  11. Kathlyn P. says:

    first time listening to John Mayer.

    not disappointed.😂

    i'm in love now 😘

  12. You Mee says:

    Hahahhahaha cccute

  13. bloofan06 says:

    I heard this song earlier tonight during dinner and all I could think of was John wearing those blue striped pants!

  14. pls give this video an award or something

  15. FTRYNS PART says:

    Thanks for made my day through this song, love you John 💕

  16. Stephen Hook says:

    Apparently this video is a protest to his contract

  17. Ahmad Mujib says:

    Only 9M views for this masterpiece, smh. Great song btw!!

  18. 자몽 says:


  19. Love the song, don't get the video.

  20. Casta says:

    H3H3-ethan is that you?!?!

  21. This is the best and worst thing ever at the same time. #golden 😂

  22. Trap Castle says:

    Disini ada yang liat lagu ini gara gara @skinnyfabs?

  23. MagicaL G says:

    This song is so relaxing

  24. Roni Anugrah says:

    This is absolutely sad song i think


  26. Az Zahra says:

    He's adorableeeee

  27. He must be high as fk when he wrote this song. lol

  28. Inas Kamal says:

    Can't stop watching

  29. Jemma Xx says:

    My friend: Hey I got a new green screen wanna come over and mess around with it?


  30. love the old schoolness of this vid real music

  31. i like the videoo so muxhhhhh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💙❤💚💜💛❤💙💛❤💛💜💙❤💛💜💚❤💙💛💚💙❤💛💚❤💚❤💙💛☀

  32. emaynight says:

    This is so my jam 😱👏🏻 the editing omggg on point 😝

  33. Nynke veen says:

    Omg 😂😂😂 love this ❤❤👌

  34. Her Fish says:

    very interesting…

  35. cek my cover, MUST WATCHING

  36. He is gonna make a cute top!!

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