Little Richard vs Pat Boone -Long Tall Sally


4 Comments to Little Richard vs Pat Boone -Long Tall Sally

  1. Pat boone version sucked the little richard version will always be the best version

  2. Bro don't look a damn thing like little Richard and if copyrights were as brutal as they are now; little Richard would have cut heads

  3. What a racist and fucking shit movie. Pat Boone had one of the best voices of the 50's. His songs like Moody River were beautiful and classic, forever to be sung. So what if he covered Little Richard? You're telling me Little Richard never covered Elvis? Smokey Robinson never covered The Beatles on Ed Sullivan 6 months after Yesterday came out? This is why racism will never end. You have people DEDICATED to it for life. Making it their life long task to continue racism by any means necessary.

  4. bottleneck says:

    two my favorite singers

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