Maroon 5 – Maps (Specific)

Maroon 5 – Maps (Specific)
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31 Comments to Maroon 5 – Maps (Specific)

  1. I love this song ❤

  2. Bailey Stage says:

    Omg at first I thought he was trying to do push ups 😂😂😂
    Anyone else? no?

  3. This song is so sad 😭😱😿💧

  4. Xin Xiu Tan says:

    July 2018 anyone?

  5. 宝va va says:


  6. Lohit Kumar says:

    Soooooooooo crazy about this song cause of the damn good lyrics 😍😍😍

  7. Wait wait … I think this clip is inspired by a film called "Irreversible" from Gaspar Noe. I'm pretty sure, but this clip is a "softer" version of the original, way softer..

  8. shirly cox says:

    That's so sad 🙁

  9. Я тут походу лишний….
    Блэт, тут есть русские? 😧

  10. Who is watching this in 2018??

  11. rainbow cat says:

    Кто пришёл сюда с клипа про детроит?

  12. Did anyone not notice the snot?

  13. Russell hurt says:

    Don't be douche and act like this when medical professionals are helping your significant other.

  14. Brasil?❤🎶✌

  15. no u says:

    90% comments are “who’s watching in June 2018”

    10% comments are normal people who like the song and are normal.

  16. SE7EN _ says:

    Subscribe please

  17. Eli Sorilla says:

    June 2018 anyone?

  18. Vũ Lê says:

    i love you , i sory

  19. 1:24 there has to be a deeper meaning to this she gets hit and no one seems to care

  20. His voice made me cry but I really love this song

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