“NFL 2018” — A Unhealthy Lip Studying of the NFL

Extra stuff their lips COULD have mentioned, simply in time for the Tremendous Bowl…
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40 Comments to “NFL 2018” — A Unhealthy Lip Studying of the NFL

  1. MAX-TRAP 50 says:

    This means owy-Matthew Stafford

  2. Dab Savage says:

    Young man, why run?

  3. Dolphin the goldfish

  4. Liam McKee says:

    The referees would be the only thing to throw me off if I didn’t this was a BLR

  5. "……confidence in my nogginnnnnnnnnnn"

  6. ezeuzo1 says:

    "Gotta get to my danceoff in the Philippines!!" 😀😀

  7. Angie Taylor says:

    The tombstone part…i lost it.. omg crack up

  8. “Did you get your fang sharpened”

  9. Sah. B. says:

    I’m not Prince Harry?

  10. p14g says:


  11. Dolphin the goldfish😂

  12. ZaC says:

    "This is owie"

  13. Neo Roman0 says:

    Hey, man, can I take Coco Bolivia? I just like country based names…

  14. LoganXPLR says:

    I wonder if my head can fit in that bucket. Let's go find out.

  15. LoganXPLR says:

    Rickity Dee, Rickity Dee.

  16. LoganXPLR says:

    I got confidence in my noggin. It's really the best. confidence in my nogginnnnnnnn.

  17. LoganXPLR says:

    Young Man why run

  18. LoganXPLR says:

    taps on helmet This is Owie.

  19. LoganXPLR says:

    Peka Peka Peka Peka! 😂😂😂

  20. LoganXPLR says:

    Tambourine Tambourine Tambourine! 😂

  21. Reese Anne says:

    5:46 had me dead😂😂😂😂

  22. lukeduke 22 says:



  23. Bad Lip reading of the World Cup please 😃

  24. eric cartman says:

    I'm not prince harry

  25. @ 3:23 they looked at hs PP that was gay….PAuSE they didn"t even say no homie……………

  26. Tambourine tambourine tambourine

  27. Linda M. says:

    need this for the WM!!

  28. KennyG881 says:

    4:49 Without context, it's really hard to tell what that guy is actually doing

  29. Mike Huerta says:

    0:21 tambourrrrine tambourrrrine tambourrrrine

  30. debjoy12 says:

    omg the refs with the cornbread!!! 😂😂

  31. Heidi Thomas says:

    You ain't got no Ford, Doug… 😂

  32. Imagine if this is what they are actually saying

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