Overwatch Animated Brief | “Dragons”

Uncover the story behind one in every of Overwatch’s largest rivalries in our third animated quick: Dragons! Then start your watch Might 24 on PC, PlayStation four, or Xbox One: http://www.buyoverwatch.com

“Dragons” explores the historical past of battle between the scions of the Shimada clan: Hanzo and Genji. On this episode, we comply with Hanzo as he returns to the siblings’ household house in Hanamura to hunt redemption . . . and confront the ghosts of the previous.

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42 Comments to Overwatch Animated Brief | “Dragons”

  1. Chair says:

    3:21 literally what arrows ingame do to intend hitting their targets

  2. Leonshearth says:

    This should have been Overwatch. The setting has so many possibilities in term of storytelling… And the only things we get about the story are temporary coop modes, that are actually awesome to play.

  3. I wish overwatch was still popular

  4. Agent 66 says:

    At 3:42 then genii said I know everything of what happened

  5. I love this one its my favorite animation

  6. Now arriving at Hanamura

  7. Text-To-Speech


  8. Ssome Rando says:

    Scatter huh, yep that's in the game alright.

    R.I.P SCATTER 3:46

  9. Darciukas says:

    I think hanzo's voice actor is the same as spy's from tf2.

  10. Orua says:

    Rip Scatter 2016-2018
    F To Pay Respects

  11. They should make one of these about how Mercy saved Geji.

  12. This is the only animation i cried for, it’s the best and most heartfelt.

    It’s sooo deep 😭

    4:58 And i love how they say their ults 😍

    I can’t stop watching this part over and over again

    Okay i could keep going on forever about how i love this animation the best so ima leave now…
    PS:Hanzo‘s eyes when he says his ult lmao

  13. Senthu says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  14. 5:37 when an enemy is 1 hit and u sword dash ends right infront off him and they kill you

  15. _ _ says:

    Remember when overwatch was good?

  16. The Stalker says:

    Back in my day, 3:48 was an ability.

  17. My family ? New hero ? Gaznjis and Hanzos father ? Lots of questions…

  18. Is Illidan narrating?

  19. KaminOO says:

    This needs a standalone game or a movie the story is just too good!

  20. CodClover565 says:

    Rip scatter arrow

  21. I remember getting watch the video and buying Overwatch. I knew nothin about the game. Now I just rage at teammates lmao

  22. Back when overwatch would brighten your day and wasn't toxic cancer…. It was so bright and hopeful and no one cared about stategy just working together to get the w

  23. Hez says:

    this is so sad… can we nerf hanzo?

  24. I L says:

    aaaaaaaaa spoiler alert spoiler alert spoilerddrlaflfalnfla, boop

  25. 3:48.
    It seems like only yesterday where we could get killed out of the blue by the scatter.

  26. What if there came a shimada Girl with a pink dragon and kunais

  27. Lehkazz says:

    RIP Scatter Arrow 2016-2018

  28. forgetme says:

    I'm starting to hate this game, in my competitive eyes, heros like brig, moira, genji and widow are broken beyond disbelief… but it's stuff like this that keeps me coming back. These animations… so perfect. I just wish they didn't completely mess up the lore about Zarya though :/

  29. ItMe_Jeff says:

    Rip scatter arrow.

    You will be missed for cheap shots

  30. Dewwy Dezwy says:

    Blizzard will NEVER fail to give me goosebumps with their lore. They're the best and make the best animated shorts. They know how to give the characters a personality and make them feel real, god I love it 😍😍

  31. Balesz ko says:

    Wow thats GREAT! Thums up f

  32. EroticPotato says:

    I think about this a lot.

  33. Life.mp4 says:

    If you make a movie i would watch it 10 times or more. plz make one 😉

  34. In my opinion this is the best Overwatch short

  35. 4:575:20 always got chills

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