Responses to Suffering: Wisdom Literature and the Book of Job

This video was taken from Lecture 20 of RLST 145: Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), which was published by Open Yale Courses in the Fall of 2006. The course instructor is Christine Hayes. Please see the following URL for further course details:

This lecture introduces the third and final section of the Hebrew Bible – the Ketuvim, or “Writings.” This section of the Bible contains three books that exemplify the ancient Near Eastern literary genre of “Wisdom” — Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes. Proverbs reinforces the Deuteronomistic idea of divine retributive justice according to which the good prosper and the evil are punished. The conventional assumption of a moral world order is attacked in the Book of Job. The book explores whether people will sustain virtue when suffering and afflicted, and brings charges of negligence and mismanagement against God for failing to punish the wicked and allowing the righteous to suffer.

Course materials were released under a creative commons license (attribution, non-commercial, share-alike):


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