Skipping in Excessive Faculty

Story of how I skipped class to keep away from taking a check and properly… yeah. Issues did not go as deliberate.

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46 Comments to Skipping in Excessive Faculty

  1. Is anyone else a good kid and doesn’t skip? 😂

  2. Joshua Lee says:

    His school is like my school

  3. Boyle Games says:

    Swoozie pullin hoes too

  4. My guy dreeee😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I know what the hand sign is, do you know it's devil horns and it's bad gesture. O: :l

  6. It’s onya says:

    He’s fine as hell 😩😍😍😍😍

  7. vCrysis 69 says:

    Where I come from, we have 4 lunches but no one skips in the bathroom people just walk around or hang in another classroom

  8. you look like tupac

  9. Bald head. No. Hate.

  10. How many fucken neighebors u got

  11. I am from BARBADOS!!

  12. ItzMellow says:

    Bro if I’m just tardy for a class my parents instantly get and alert on their phone and I’m fucked in the ass. Idk how y’all get away with skipping tho

  13. three lunches god damn bro i only get one

  14. GT R3KTER says:

    well he knew when you didnt put the bread away he knew your mom set a nuke on you then made you drink the thing from resident evil 7 so he healed then he looked at you and thought this kid is gonna get beat with a barbwire bat so he so nah hoe theirs no one else

  15. teachers walk around the school all day everyday to see if any kids skip and im from Australia

  16. Harlan Dumas says:

    Shout out to Dre!!

  17. Usmaan_ 25 says:

    In England its 1 lunchtime and 2 brakes

  18. Tom Lwin says:

    As an Ozzy we call it traveling groups that what i do XD I have no idea

  19. yo swoozie im bajan too shout out to mums

  20. Skylar H says:

    “she’s gonna beat me with a fridge” fat mood

  21. minighi200 says:

    Three lunches?? Damn haha. I skipped all the time though only for food

  22. What does wacky takby

  23. 타요Tayo says:

    Lucky mother fucker I only have break and lunch

  24. lk 2k says:

    You have three lunches

    Lucky, i get home and im practicly starving

  25. Legend states swoozie banged all the girls at the end of his video

  26. Last year I tried skipping class (this was in 7th grade btw) and I technically got away with it. I got caught by a teacher, but I told them I just got here, because of a “doctors appointment.” The teacher brought me back to Spanish, with 5 minutes left of class, and neat-less to say, I haven’t skipped again. In all seriousnes, it’s not worth skipping. I felt like I was going to get a heart attack and it left me shaking for the rest of the day. It doesn’t matter what you have to do in school, it’s not worth skipping.

  27. Alex Daniel says:

    Is he straight?

  28. Dre Augustus says:

    let’s just call him Dre. : / ☠️😹

  29. Dre Augustus says:


  30. Bro girl teachers walk in the boys bathroom at my school to yell at niggas all the time but you know damn well ain’t no dude teacher walking in the girls bathroom for shit that’s a Fing lawsuit right there don’t matter if the girl got heroine that ain’t happening

  31. J The Husky says:

    You should have just pulled the fire alarm

  32. ugh says:

    i served my nickel you come and take me

  33. Lil Wayne 23 says:

    I'll take the red head and the girl in the monster outfit off your hands for a few nights😇

  34. I love it how all of his neighbors are girls

  35. TN MUSlC says:

    Legend has it Dre still out here saving one life at a time!

  36. Ju ju says:

    In my school we a four periods and a thirty minute long lunch and the rest of the school day. Now that I'm finally going in highschool at lunch I get to leave campus, 🙂

  37. Livvie S says:

    In Canada we only have 2 lunches

  38. Wong Kobe says:

    At 5:24 that girl on the left looked like she was gonna legit bite the other girl’s shoulder right off

  39. Krissy Tang says:

    hi I'm from Australia and in my school we have too lunches

  40. Dre sounds like the male version of me XD I ain’t no snitch!

  41. At the end of his vid were those his neighbors or hookers

  42. In the UK school is like I don’t know because I’m American

  43. Why is his room a green screen

  44. NicoNico says:

    Whats with the harem

  45. Ben Mogensen says:

    How did the test go?

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