Strong-Bodied Gretsch Corvette Guitar

The Strong-bodied Corvette (to not be confused with the Corvette hollow-body arch-top electrical, produced from 1955-1959) was Gretsch's reply to the Les Paul Jr. by Gibson. Launched in 1961, the Corvette Strong-body was a small, lightweight, comfy electrical guitar that was good for the budding musician.

This killer guitar, with a stable mahogany physique, stable mahogany set neck, and a rosewood fret board with pearl dots, initially got here with a single HI-Lo 'Tron pickup. The earliest examples had a trapeze tailpiece. By 1963, the Corvette was sporting a Burns' flat-arm vibrato tailpiece. (Sure! That Burns! Good outdated Jim Burns from England), and got here with a selection of both one or two of these Hello-Lo 'Tron pickups. By mid-1963 to 1964, Gretsch modified the usual three/three headstock (three tuners on either side) to a scooby-rific four/2 headstock design (four tuning keys on one aspect, two on the opposite). Most Corvettes had been completed in "cherry" crimson mahogany and had black decide guards. Some got here with crimson and white striped decide guards and a extra opaque crimson end to the physique. This model is called the "Twist" mannequin. Early Corvettes had been additionally obtainable in platinum grey end with black decide guards, however this coloration was formally discontinued in 1963. Additionally in 1963, Gretsch began beveling the sides of the guitar's physique and sharpened the cutaway factors.

Variations of the Gretsch Corvette had been the Silver Duke (1964-66) which was sparkle silver, the Gold Duke (1964-66) – you bought it – in sparkle gold, and lest we overlook, the Princess (1963-64 – made for the women) which was obtainable in lots of coloration mixtures equivalent to white with purple sparkles, blue with white sparkles, pink with white sparkles, and white with gold sparkles – phew! The Princess additionally differs from the others in that it had a Palm vibrato tailpiece fairly than the Burns', gold-plated in lieu of the usual nickel / chrome , and a shiny belly-pad on the again.

By 1968, you possibly can now not get single pickups on the Corvettes, the Burn's vibrato was changed with a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and the HI-Lo 'Tron pickups had been changed with Tremendous' Tron pickups. Manufacturing of the Gretsch Corvette wound down within the early 70's. (The Corvette did make a short reappearance from 1976 to 1978 with totally different specs – humbuckers, and so forth. It was not the identical.)

The Gretsch Corvette (1961-early 70's) can nonetheless offer you some bang to your buck in at the moment's classic market. You get the classic sound and vibe, with nice playability for lower than you'd pay for a Paul, Jr.

Supply by Allen Chiles

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