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16 Haddaway Life LIVE @ WE LOVE THE 90’s 2016, Finland.

Haddaway Life Performing LIVE @ WE LOVE THE 90’s Pageant 2016, Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. Excessive High quality sound, rec. with Sony Xperia Z2 + STM10, for greatest experiance use headphones, take pleasure in! supply Music Information Headlines Music Information Headlines


What’s FAKE NEWS WEBSITE? What does FAKE NEWS WEBSITE imply? FAKE NEWS WEBSITE which means – FAKE NEWS WEBSITE definition – FAKE NEWS WEBSITE clarification. Supply: article, tailored beneath license. Pretend information web sites (additionally known as hoax information) intentionally publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be actual information — usually utilizing social media to drive internet site visitors and amplify their impact. Not like information satire, pretend information web sites search to mislead, slightly than entertain, readers for monetary, political, or different acquire. Such websites haveRead More

Why aren’t we more scared of measles? (Alternative version)

With Professor Brian Zikmund-Fisher How do you decide whether you should be worried about communicable diseases like measles, polio, or HPV? University of Michigan’s Professor Brian Zikmund-Fisher returns to Risk Bites to explain the “availability heuristic” – the way we all use our memory and feelings to inform our risk perceptions about infectious diseases. (Same video as the main version, different sound track! See the original here: Risk Bites is supported by: University of Michigan Risk Science Center. University of Michigan School of Public Health. Backing track:Read More

Alternative & Punk: Time Piece – Silent Partner (All Monetizable & Free Music)

(All Monetizable & Free Music) Artist: Silent Partner Genre: Alternative & Punk | Angry __ Check out our channel and Subscribe. We upload videos usually every day. We also have playlists broken down by artist, mood & genre. Some of our playlists: Silent Partner: Free Music: Instrumental Music: Rock and Metal Music: Optimistic Music: Relaxing Music: __ Our Minds channel: Our Facebook channel: All Monetizable Free Music is a library dedicated to providing exclusively free music for monetization, ie commercial purposes. EverythingRead More

Bright Melodic Summer Mix 2017| Minimal Alternative Rap Bass House Music Video

Dear Symone from LA by BlackRyan Music 2017| Free Brand New Music Single 2017| Anderson.Paak type beat 2017 This 2017 Hip-Hop music single was written and produced by BlacRyan Music. It contains elements of Hip-Hop, rap, funk, nu jazz, grime, drill trap and urban contemporary genres such as Bass House Hip-Hop, electronica, trance, acid jazz, and underground indie instrumentals. source Music News Headlines Music News Headlines

Railkid Station ‎- You Just Can’t Go Away

[SCL102] 22.11.2013 CC BY-ND Artist: Railkid Station Title: Tramps Are Handsome, We’re The Jugglers Dima Majestic Jam – guitar, vocal Denis Dolgooo – drums Recorded At Zvuk Planety Studio (Minsk, Belarus) Soundwork – Anton Polyakov source Music News Headlines Music News Headlines

System Of A Down – Chop Suey! Live In Syndey, Australia 20-01-2002

Artist: System Of A Down Song: Chop Suey! Live At Big Day Out, Sydney source Music News Headlines Music News Headlines

20160820 – The Xperience – Electro Dance coverband @ Ell Niño Festival (NL) – 90s dance mix 2

source Music News Headlines Music News Headlines

Freedom Interview with Emma + SALT (SALT ED FREEDOM Reviews) When Emma began her journey at SALT ED FREEDOM, she was caught in a relentless cycle of starving, bingeing + purging – and had failed at her own DIY recovery. She refused to eat anything but her “safe foods” of canned green beans, kind bars + grapes… every single day. She consistently hurt herself, lived in fear and had NO identity apart from “a girl with an eating disorder”. Her rock bottom was being rushed to the hospital by ambulance five times in one month because of the physicalRead More

Tortuleţ ( este un start-up din incubatorul de afaceri dezvoltat de Universitatea Alternativă cu ajutorul ING Bank. Când a fost filmat clipul, îşi spuneau Bucurie la cutie şi erau doar Claudia şi Theo. Acum sunt Tortuleţ şi, de când li s-a alăturat Adi, sunt 3. Dacă ai sugestii, feedback sau orice formă în care îi poţi ajuta pe Claudia, Theo şi Adi să-şi dezvolte cofetăria online, te rugăm să laşi comentarii mai jos. Incubatorul de afaceri este un program educațional al Universităţii Alternative care ajută studenții să progreseze de laRead More