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16 Haddaway Life LIVE @ WE LOVE THE 90’s 2016, Finland.

Haddaway Life Performing LIVE @ WE LOVE THE 90’s Pageant 2016, Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland. Excessive High quality sound, rec. with Sony Xperia Z2 + STM10, for greatest experiance use headphones, take pleasure in! supply Music Information Headlines Music Information Headlines

Microfinance as a device to wrestle towards monetary exclusion

Don’t suppose that microfinance is one thing for monetary specialists that perceive life by means of Excel… under no circumstances! In truth, microfinance is way nearer to family economics than a big majority believes… and that is why all of us can simply perceive what microfinance is about! In our subsequent itnig friday, Susana Balet will introduce to us these alternative routes of getting funds for entrepreneurs. She’s going to discuss all these new financing alternatives from a advertising standpoint, since that’s her skilled background. Usually, microfinance is related toRead More

Creeps! (Radiohead/TLC/STP mash-up)

A musical mash-up of three songs referred to as Creep. supply Music Information Headlines Music Information Headlines

alternative modeling techniques// blender tutorial

my website: LVL: intermediate] I also have an email list where I send out cool goodies: source Music News Headlines Music News Headlines

The Escapist Nightstep,Music 2016, Remix Video,Epic, Music Gaming,Music Video Project

The channel #MusicVideoProject you can see and hear the music clips on a topic nightcore, nightstep, dubstep, one, hour, mix, nightstep 1 hour mix, remix, techno, hardstyle, rave, bass, good, sound, quality, This video processed in the video Editor YouTube ( source Music News Headlines Music News Headlines

LHCb: The Music of Mixing: 5 minute explanation.

Matter-antimatter quantum music! A simplified explanation of the basic principles which go together to explain the phenomenon of particle-antiparticle mixing, and describe what is being heard in the sonification of some recent LHCb data. Here: For more details, take a look at the paper preprint, where the methods used to obtain these data are described. LHCb-PAPER-2013-036,, Also see: and Dr. Rob Lambert, on behalf of the LHCb collaboration. Thanks to: Andrew Lambert, Dr. Nick Collins and Thor Magnusson (Sussex University) for work on sonification. ThanksRead More


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SAKEM – Hangman – Rock Against Siae 4′ Act – Torino – Murazzi del Po – 01.03.15

Midnight Live Sound Factory & Full Metal Jacket , in collaborazione con Red Mist, Dark Italia ,Creative Workshop e Lifestyle Radio: Presentano: 01.03.2015 -ROCK AGAINST SIAE4′ ACT – MURAZZI – TORINO Contributo Ingresso 5 euro. In seguito al successo delle prime due edizioni svoltesi a Milano e a Roma, il PRIMO FESTIVAL ESENTE SIAE Rock Against Siae, prosegue il tour italiano insieme ai Sakem (band testimonial dell’evento) e alle altre band partecipanti a TITOLO COMPLETAMENTE GRATUITO al fine di ABOLIRE IL MONOPOLIO SIAE E DARE VOCE ALLA MUSICA ED ALLARead More

Drakot – Alternative

Alternative Composed and Performed by Drakot source

NHL 14: HUT Pack Hunters Ep.21 ”Fan Appreciation Pack Openings”

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Hope you guys enjoyed the video, let me know in the comments what you guys pulled and if you like the idea that the cards cannot be traded. Thanks again guys, and be sure to like comment and subscribe for more NHL 14 videos. —————————————-­­—————– Stay Connected: ● Twitter: ● Previous Video: ● Subscribe: ● My Playlists: ● Live Stream: ● Skype: Dooobbz ● Tumblr: ● My NHL Blog: ● Get a text when I upload: ● NHL Community Clothing: ● NHL 14Read More