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What’s FAKE NEWS WEBSITE? What does FAKE NEWS WEBSITE imply? FAKE NEWS WEBSITE which means – FAKE NEWS WEBSITE definition – FAKE NEWS WEBSITE clarification. Supply: article, tailored beneath license. Pretend information web sites (additionally known as hoax information) intentionally publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be actual information — usually utilizing social media to drive internet site visitors and amplify their impact. Not like information satire, pretend information web sites search to mislead, slightly than entertain, readers for monetary, political, or different acquire. Such websites haveRead More

ASL19 Iran Cyber Dialogue 2015

Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD) is an annual global conference on ICT development, human rights and diplomacy. Now in its third year, the two-day event will include public panels for the first time together with private hands-on outcome oriented sessions. For more information visit PANEL #1: International security, human rights and diplomacy. Representatives from Western governments, the UN and the private sector will engage with perspectives from inside Iran, discussing different foreign policy approaches towards Iran. How can we use diplomacy to support ICT development and human rights in Iran?Read More

Casper The Friendly Ghost Rock & Roll Cover

Happy Halloween again! Here is a Cover of “Casper The Friendly Ghost” from the movie “Casper” performed by Little Richard. I wanted to get a video up before Halloween of 2015 so I made this one. I am not a singer so I understand if you think I suck. I made this all for the fun of it! Download Link: Check out my band “The Holy Pariah” source Music News Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″] Music News Headlines [su_feed url=”” limit=”20″]

T&FTNA MV – Shining Time Station

At last, here is the final music video for the second season of my fan series: It’s none other than the theme tune to “Shining Time Station”! I have now completed the number of music videos I wanted to put in this season: 12! Thomas and Friends: The New Adventures Season 3 will have 15 new songs, be sure to look out for them (as long as I don’t get too many more copyright claims and/or strikes!)! Disclaimer: I own nothing in this video. Everything belongs to their respectful owners.Read More

Zombie Rock Audionautix Alternative & Punk Free Audio

Enjoy this free audio track with amazing looping animations over a space themed background. Attribution is required to use this audio on your own productions, the audio is available from the Youtube Audio Media Library and the attribution is detailed below. Visit our partners YouTube channel for fun videos for kids: Visit our website for the latest information about our apps and other projects: Audio Attribution: Zombie Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: source

Brian of USWGO asks people to protest Stephens Inc.

Protest Stephens Inc at their offices near you Correction: Steve Green didn’t say he was international but got that mixed up from another article admitting he is a international banker. Righthaven is now going to work with the RIAA which sets a very bad precedent that could mean the potential end of the alternative media across the Internet. We must stop Stephens Inc. a corrupt international investment banking institution from working with the RIAA to bribe judges and create internet blackouts on 9/11 truth and the alternative press. source

You can drag songs from gmusicbrowser into VLC’s playlist

Sometimes, my ears wonder and I want to listen to a different song without touching my current queue in gmusicbrowser. I used to bring up Thunar, look for the song, and then play it with VLC, until I realised that you can just drag it straight from gmusicbrowser into VLC. You can even drag the song onto Thunar to copy the file into that location. So, imagine creating a mixtape or playlist and simply dragging the songs you want to use into a specified folder. In one motion, your taskRead More

Dirty Paws/Home – A BOY & A GIRL [Live Mashup]

rock music news at

La-de-doo-da! It’s a spontaneous mashup that just fit! Jam out with us 🙂 We know it’s not the best live recording, but that’s cause we don’t have the equipment to record separate tracks and mix them. With your help hopefully that’ll change someday soon. Hope you see the raw passion we have for music, and if you do, PLEASE LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. We appreciate all the support. thanks and love, a boy & a girl P.S: Like our facebook. Facebook: P.P.S: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Twitter:Read More

Alternative Song Airlines Commercial

Alternative Song Airlines Commercial

class project commercial. probably the best commercial ever though. if only i had the budget. source