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Transhumanism and Mark of the BEAST Technologies

~Jose Delgado and his Bull Brain Electrode Implant Story ~(Most Research Links)Anonymous ~ Cybernetic RFID Brain Computer Interface ~Live rats driven by remote control ~A Brain Implant Victim Speaks Out!!! ~Brain transmitters: Radio Implants and Remote-Controlled Humans ~ChurchCommittee TwoPointO ~CIA implanted electrodes in brains of unsuspecting soldiers, suit alleges ~The Guatemala Experiment~Nazi style human experimentation by U.S. Government ~Micro-Chipping Agenda & RFID Chips Are Being Implemented Micro Chipping Agenda & RFID Chips Are Being Implemented ~MartinRead More

UBTV…The Alternative Dub Step Orchestra recording session @ Music Up Coventry

Recorded on June 4, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. source

Mabrouka Mbarek – Alternative Solutions to the Debt Crisis, 6-8 March 2014

Mabrouka Mbarek, a member of Tunesia’s Constituent Assembly and advisor on debt and transparency to the country’s president, presents the debt problems of post-revolutionary Tunisia. source

Thomas Williams Truth, Honor & Integrity- Randy Maugans: Darkside Alt Medai

Second hour of the Truth Honor & Integrity broadcast with hosts, Thomas Williams and Chloe. Facebook TH&I Group: OffPlanet Radio host, Randy Maugans joins Thomas Williams and Chloe for a look into the world of “alternative media”. We discuss David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Alfred Lambremont Webre—and the ever-changing narratives that weave webs into the alt worlds of media. The “disappearing” of data, changes in personalities’ the burgeoning corporatization of once free and independent media; how dark corporate entities like Gaia(m) are undermining free access; a history of net media,Read More

O.M.C. – ‘Rain’ | Gloomy Chill Piano Heavy Electronic/Alternative Trap Beat Instrumental

rock music news at

I enjoy making music and it’s always nice to hear what people think of it, so please let me know in the comments! 🙂 Free Download: Piano performed by O.M.C. (Owen Verkin) Produced and composed by O.M.C. Photo: Mario Calvo ( Thanks for listening, It means a lot! ———————————————————————————- ► FREE USE INFORMATION All my beats are free to use in your videos/songs if and only if you credit me in the right way. Put my youtube link ( and write : Instrumental produced by O.M.C. – CONTENT CREATORSRead More

Convert mht to pdf from Firefox

The MHT format is an alternative name and suffix for the MHTML documents (MIME HTML) which is an archive format for the web pages saved with internet explorer by default. The format can contain multiple resources like flash, java, images, audio etc. and external links all together with html code. To read more about this conversion, access the following tutorial : source

Cori Langdon Video Shows Bellagio Resort Had Shooters Open Fire Seconds Before Mandalay Bay

Witnesses pouring out information to new media outlets because lamestream is not airing their information and spinning a false narrative. Hotels are complicit in massacre and FBIsis coverup. Execs knew in advance and sold stock prior to massacre. CORRECTION: Hotel is Ballagio, not Bellarus as stated in video. Infowars Video: Corie Langdon Video: Bellagio Hotel Shooting: We humbly seek your financial support and ask for your generosity in helping us to continue to report to you on news and information you’ll not be getting with the lamestreamRead More

*SpoonDoctorO* – Wet Cat | Unprofessional Broadcasting Network

The band’s got everything what it takes to fill the musical void emerged after the death of Luciano Pavarotti. Spoondoctor O live in the airballoon Artspace Rondeel Maastricht (ARM) go to: filmed by Electro Hydrogen Yoga master Roel Aerts for the Unprofessional Broadcasting Network The term underground music has been applied to several artistic movements, such as the psychedelic music movement of the mid-1960s, but the term has since then come to be defined by any musical artist/band that avoids becoming a trend/mainstream. Other early “underground” bands includeRead More

Pilots Of Stone Audionautix Alternative & Punk Free Audio

Enjoy this free audio track with amazing looping animations over a space themed background. Attribution is required to use this audio on your own productions, the audio is available from the Youtube Audio Media Library and the attribution is detailed below. Visit our partners YouTube channel for fun videos for kids: Visit our website for the latest information about our apps and other projects: Audio Attribution: Pilots Of Stone by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: source

♫ EZ2DJ BMS Pack ♫ FE – Memories, 127BPM. Genre, Alternative Rock 【BMS】

Welcome to the BMS Database! On this channel you will find classic Beatmania series including Beatmania 1st mix, plenty of custom BMS series, PABAT, Nameless Heaven, KBP, Genoside starterpacks and plenty of random BMS lost to the pages of time. We also proudly feature custom remade 5key IIDX conversions! Come and join at the constantly in development website and download a veritable cornucopia of classic BMS, classic BMS packs, Lunatic Rave theme’s and other BMS related downloads! Website: | SocialMedia: Facebook | Twitter | BMSworld.nzRead More