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Bring Me The Horizon – Dragon Slaying (Louder Sound) #RockMusic #Videos #Watch today

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Gimme Back My Bullets

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Blackfoot Confederacy @ Piikani Powwow 2016 #RockMusic #Videos #Watch today

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Led Zeppelin – Bron-Y-Aur Stomp – Earls Court 1975

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp performed live at Earls Court 1975. Released on the official Led Zeppelin DVD in 2003. source

Neil Young – Helpless


Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Live)

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Why Do Brides Wear White?

I recently came across an interesting forum on Yahoo that discussed the origins of the white wedding gown. The most popular answer to explain this trend was presented by 'Miss Beans': 'Queen Victoria chose white not because it symbolized purity, but because she wanted to show her people that she would run the country in an economic way. White was a much less expensive color to make than the colors typically popular for wedding dresses at the time (red, black, and purple). Plus, it gave her the option of usingRead More

Band of Skulls – Bonnaroo 2011 #RockMusic #Videos #Watch today

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Things We Said Today #206 – The Beatles and politics, new McCartney song

This week, in a timely topic we look at the Beatles and their brushes with politics through the years both as a group and as solo artists. Also, this week, we review Paul McCartney’s new song “In the Blink of An Eye” which was done for the forthcoming soundtrack of “Ethel & Ernest.” As always, you can send your thoughts on this or any of our shows to our email address, join our “Things We Said Today Beatles Fans” Facebook page, tweet us at @thingswesadfab or catch us eachRead More

Goldsmiths University Islamist thugs fail to disrupt speech on blasphemy and apostasy #RockMusic #Videos #Watch today

PLEASE NOTE: The video does not violate privacy rules since there was implicit consent and the filming of Maryam’s speech was done publicly. Also given the fact that threats were made at the meeting, and that the Goldsmiths Atheists Society is collecting documentation towards an investigation into the ISOC members who disrupted and threatened the meeting, the entire video must remain online to ensure that full facts are available. Therefore, any requests for the removal of the video is denied. Maryam Namazie spoke on “apostasy, blasphemy and free expression inRead More