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Accept – The King [Lyrics]

All Rights to the band I do not own any rights! Accept – I’m a Rebel 1980 Udo Dirkschneider – vocals Wolf Hoffman – guitar Jorg Fischer – guitar Peter Baltes – bass (Vocals to this song) Steve Kaufmann – drums source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom (1974) With Lyrics!

A #1 hit single in 1975 and also included on “Elton John’s Greatest Hits Volume 2.” Recorded in Los Angeles in 1974. Elton had asked lyricist Bernie Taupin to write a song for his friend Billie Jean King, the founder and star of the Philadelphia Freedoms World Team Tennis team. Elton gave Taupin the title, and Taupin wrote the lyrics. For music Elton attempted to capture the famous Philly sound made popular by Barry White, Billy Paul, and the MFSB Horns, who recorded their own version of the song inRead More

El purgatorio de David Bizarro: Phil Spector | SONEG El Mundo Today 2×25

La historia de Phil Spector el “controvertido” productor. Decimos “controvertido” pero en realidad lo que es un asesino no es un asunto muy “controvertido”. Oh My Lol en cadena SER: Contenido extra en nuestras redes sociales: Facebook: Twitter: ‪‬ Descarga la app en tu móvil o tablet: Enlace Itunes Store: Enlace Google Play: Enlaces podcast Podcast Itunes: RSS: source

Roy Orbison – It’s Over – #HIGH QUALITY SOUND 1964

Roy Orbison – It’s Over (1964) #HIGH QUALITY SOUND source

Abominator – Desolate Feast

from Subversives For Lucifer (2001 Osmose Productions) source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian


By Rod Stewart Download now from Itunes #Listen to Rock #Music on #iTunes #rockmusic #rock #metal

Bryan Adams – Im Ready

Bryan Adams – Im Ready source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Eric Burdon & The Animals – See See Rider

Mix of videos I made 🙂 source

Absu – Amy

Absu – Amy. From the album ‘Absu’ (2009). “Mythological Occult Metal”. This was their first full-length release since ‘Tara’ in 2001 at the time. Here is their website- source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Adler-The One That You Hated

Steven Adler from Guns n Roses new band featuring the fomer lead vocalist from Lynam. Great rockin song. hope they manage to release an album soon source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian