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Łona/Webber – Absurd i Nonsens (2007)

01. Promomix 02. A, E 03. Lonson I Lebsztyk 04. Gdansk-Szczecin 05. Hanba, Barbarzyncy 06. Hipermarket 07. Czemu Kiosk? 08. Miej Watpliwosc 09. Leksykon Brockhausa 10. Martwisz Mnie 11. 7/4 12. Panie Mahmudzie 13. Hipermarket (Remix) source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Quick Tip: Alternative way into Police station H1Z1

After getting killed a lot by people camping at the front door of the Police station, I figured there must be another way into the police station and that when I found this. Ideal to sneak in and kill anyone camping at the front door or on the roof! Hope you enjoy and if so please leave a like! Music: source

Karaoke: Guns N’ Roses / Nightrain

Karaoke (instrumental cover with on screen lyrics) #039 Act: Guns N’ Roses Track: Nightrain Album: Appetite For Destruction Year: 1987 Writer(s): Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler Remarks: instrumental cover by bluezioner님의 채널 – source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Transperformance 2012: Evelyn Harris with the Sole Stirrers as Sam Cooke

Transperformance is an annual fundraising event jointly presented by the Northampton Arts Council and the PTOs of the four Northampton elementary schools, J.F.K. Middle School and Northampton High School. The PTOs use funds from Transperformance for Arts Enrichments Programs, and the Northampton Arts Council uses some funds to provide a second round of funding that supports the work of many local artists and performing groups. This year’s theme was Food Groups. Enjoy! Evelyn Harris grew up singing along with all the R&B crooners and wanted to be like Sam CookeRead More

Ace Frehley is a greedy paranoid backstabbing junkie

Want me to make more videos? Support me: Not my words, Gene Simmons Ace Frehley part 1 here: Peter Criss version here: source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Accept – Winter Dreams (lyrics)

Album: Balls To The Wall Home Visit my Channel here: source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Abominator – Black Nuclear Mists (Holocaustic Swarm)

11th from Prelude To World Funeral… source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Alternative Rock 90’s part 8

My collection and favorites song of the 90’s.. 1st tear high when i started to collect different Rock music.. Don’t be offend if i left your favorite Alternative Rock band of the list.. One more thing to remember is that these are the best 90’s Alternative Rock in my opinion only… Hope you like it!.. source

Absurd – Der Grosse Tod

Absurd – Der Grosse Tod source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Devo – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Deluxe Remastered Version [Full Album] [HQ]

Devo’s classic 1978 album remastered and expanded. Not only does this deluxe version contain the original eleven tracks, it also features a live performance of the entire album from London in 2009. Track List: 1. Uncontrollable Urge – 0:00 2. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – 3:09 3. Praying Hands – 5:49 4. Space Junk – 8:37 5. Mongoloid – 10:51 6. Jocko Homo – 14:35 7. Too Much Paranoias – 18:14 8. Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy – 20:10 9. Come Back Jonee – 25:07 10. Sloppy (IRead More