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We should never give sanction to SIN by our WORDS or our DEEDS, our SILENCE or our PRESENCE. Wherever we go, we are to carry Jesus with us, and to reveal to others the preciousness of our Saviour. But those who try to preserve their religion by hiding it within stone walls lose precious opportunities of doing good. Through the social relations, Christianity comes in contact with the world. Everyone who has received the divine illumination is to brighten the pathway of those who know not the Light of life.Read More

Words Stuck In My Throat

♬ Music: || || wandering down a road that i’ve been before i wonder which way i’ll go that signpost is familiar i know these trees and smells and words stuck in my throat don’t misunderstand me some stuff doesn’t have a name it’s a thought or a feeling going nowhere got no companion but i am not alone i smell lilacs hear the wind call words stuck in my throat it’s the world breathing it’s the burden of living leaving wandering down a road got noRead More

Covenant @ Aurora Infernalis 2011

Aurora Infernalis 2011 Covenant source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian


By Simon & Garfunkel Download now from Itunes #Listen to Rock #Music on #iTunes #rockmusic #rock #metal

Asus 553m battery replacement. Testing why work only on ac/dc

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(She Might Be A) Grenade

By Elvis Costello & The Roots Download now from Itunes #Listen to Rock #Music on #iTunes #rockmusic #rock #metal

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – American Skin (41 Shots)

Music video by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band performing American Skin (41 Shots). (C) 2001 Bruce Springsteen source

Vitor Viana – “Hybrid Moments” (Misfits cover) – Live @Sweat Records 6/11/11

Here’s a Misfits song for ya. Lucas Queiroz on bass. source #rockmusic #Hardrock #rockvideos #MusicVideos #Canadian

Challenging Myself To Climb Snowdon

And there it was, on a sunny Saturday afternoon while stirring my cup of tea, my daily occurrence of a random thought that pops into my head. This one was not a regular thought like what shoes to wear with my new outfit or a new marketing technique for site, but a challenge for myself and to create a great memory while doing it. It was to climb Snowdon! This was quite extreme for me. In fact very extreme. I'll be the first to admit I do not do muchRead More

The KKK Took My Baby Away

By Ramones Download now from Itunes #Listen to Rock #Music on #iTunes #rockmusic #rock #metal