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Small Sats – 9.24

TMRO Returns in our new studio space, Station Two Zero Four! It doesn’t look like much yet, but we have big and exciting plans! THANK YOU citizens for helping make this happen, exciting times ahead! In this episode we talk about Small Sats. What are they? Why does the industry care and what is the future of Small Sats in space? In Space News we have: * Long March 3B launch of Tiantong 1 * Long March 4C launch of Gaofen 3 * NextSTEP program begins phase 2 * KeplerRead More

LPHB Waray Adaptation | Poverty

Liagayang Panghabangbuhay (LPHB), available in five dialects,contrasts negative attitudes to positive and life changing alternatives. For more information about APMedia Philippines, visit Like and share us: source


Découvrez TunesGo 😳 Achetez TunesGo: TunesGo est un gestionnaire de téléphone et on peut transférer des contacts, sms, photos facilement et même créer des gifs! 😀 source

Understanding “Safe Zones” and the Temporary Refugee Ban – TLAV Political Roundtable Welcome to another episode of TLAV Political Roundtable where we break down the week of American politics, and discuss its implication on American life, and the world. In this episode we dissect the temporary refugee ban, Donald Trump’s purposed “safe zones,” and many other topics. In this week’s Devil’s Advocate segment we discuss Donald Trump and the division of the alternative community during the election. As it is currently the most heatedly debated topic, we will begin with what is deceptively, and incorrectly, being labeled a “Muslim Ban.” WeRead More

Marcel Wolfe on Tesla and EMF that increasingly affect everyone (

Marcel Wolfe demonstrates that frequency matters ( with the work of Tesla, emf, and magnetism for achieving health goals. Appearing at the Total Health Show April 17, 18, 19 with Dr. Magda Havas, Marcel demonstrates the PEMF bed (Pulsating Electro Magnetic Frequency) for good health. Recorded live on Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly and Sandra Kyrzakos at ( 2015-02f-12 PROTECT THE QUALITY OF LIFE No one wants to be a victim of a situation that could have been avoided. The dangers of powerline and radio frequency radiation are noRead More

Royalty Free Music #205 (Friend Forever) Dubstep/Techno/Vocaloid/Sonika

Download Music: **This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not.** This is for a request from, who requested “Happy Reflective” Dubstep. It took me quite a while to start this track and even a little bit more to figure out everything once it was started, so that’s why it took a while for this one to show up. It seems my Dubstep tracks are becoming more and more complex with many layers, andRead More

What’s an Emotional GPS? – Sneak Peek into SALT ED FREEDOM (*Eating Disorder* Treatment Program) This video is a sneak peek into the Eating Disorder Treatment Curriculum made exclusively for private clients of SALT ED FREEDOM!! Download the Customizable fill-in-the-blank Electronic Worksheet for this episode here: Direct from a members-only VIDEO LIBRARY of over 78 videos (delivered in specific order and timing over a five month program) the program videos teach the foundational concepts upon which complete and total FREEDOM from an eating disorder is created. Every episode provides a combination of Videos, Graphics, Handouts + Electronic Worksheets that walk clients through customizingRead More

UBTV…The Alternative Dub Step Orchestra recording session @ Music Up Coventry

Recorded on June 4, 2011 using a Flip Video camera. source

“THIRST” – NYIT Alternative Spring Break 2015

THIRST documentary feature is based on NYIT Alternative Spring Break 2015 community service trip to Nicaragua. Eight students and two faculty members testify on their experience of hosting a three-day educational camp for local children. While in Nicaragua, the team also researched and documented the lack of drinking water issues faced by local communities. The research might help find solutions to a complicated matter which is common in many other areas on Earth. Directed by Victor Rybkin Edited by Jabari Clarke-Pennegan Produced by the Manhattan Office of Career Services atRead More

Best Installous Alternative Zeusmos!! Ios 5+ 6

via YouTube Capture source