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20160522-1100 Accepting My Facade #RockMusic #Videos #Watch today

Theme: Accepting My Facade Presentation conducted in Noosaville, Queensland, Australia on 22nd May 2016 at 11:00am. Jesus teaches that the first step to remove facade is to accept it, which includes examining truthfully our primary desires and emotional state, eliminating denial and judgement, developing compassion, and removing unloving desires blocking acceptance. Topics include; the primary desires of my facade to desensitize myself to my own pain and the pain of others and to deny, control and manipulate my world so that I can avoid feeling terror, the lies I tellRead More

Acer assembling after ac/dc change. test #RockMusic #Videos #Watch today

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Acer assembling after dc jack replacement. IT consalting – organization of experts, who cares about daily problems. 3D repair from all positions by IT Consalting, special for We are fixing smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, etc. to eliminate all problems of your devices. LCD, Touch screen, Battery, buzzer, Front and rear cameras, ac/dc jack, headset jack, take out and replacement in our playlist. Also you can view our other videos, where we take out or replace damaged keyboards, motherboards, processors, RAM, PSU and other computer parts. All parts used toRead More

Miss Ann

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By Little Richard Download now from Itunes #Listen to Rock #Music on #iTunes #rockmusic #rock #metal

Still Ill – The Smiths (Audio Only)

Still Ill is an album track from The Smiths’ self-titled debut album released in Feruary 1984. source The #best rock music videos – Still Ill – The Smiths (Audio Only) #Rock #Music #Videos build the ultimate website with GoDaddy

“PRETTY PAPER” – Roy Orbison (Original version)

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This is the original “PRETTY PAPER” by Roy Orbison in 1963! Orbison was the first to record it and reached #6 in the UK (released in 1964 because “BLUE BAYOU” was still high on the charts in Europe) and #15 on the USA Pop charts in 1963 with this now classic Christmas song. source

this songs has no title – elton john (cover)

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Music: Art: Facebook: source The #best rock music videos – this songs has no title – elton john (cover) #Rock #Music #Videos build the ultimate website with GoDaddy

Global Game Jam 2014 – Chuck & Berry

Global Game Jam 2014 - Chuck & Berry

Link: Confira as novidades do canal nos nossos perfis de Twitter e Facebook: Twitter: Facebook: Team: Alisson Daniel Gesat Farias Bernardo de Castro Furtado Christoffer James de Oliveira Guilhermo von Scharten Heldt Ramon Castilhos Saraiva Game description: An adventure point & click game in which the player controls two extremely different characters. Characters so different that they see things completely different than one another. What they don’t know is that these differences are what will enable them to surpass every little obstacle that comes their way. InRead More

The Ultimate Hi Def Music Download Experience

The Ultimate Hi Def Music Download Experience

With this sampler, you will come to know what it truly means to achieve the ultimate download experience via nine tracks encoded in professional-quality 96/24 audio, all handpicked for your maximum enjoyment and enlightenment. In short, it’s what great sound is all about. If you’ve never been engrossed by music this way before—or even if you’re a veteran of the compression wars—you’re in for quite a treat. Happy listening. Ready, set, immerse! Tracklist: 01. Madeleine Peyroux – The Kind You Can’t Afford (from “Standing on the Rooftop” 2011) 02. SonnyRead More

Big Al Sears – Circuit Breaker – Gator: 301

A rattling good Popcorn groove, sultry 60s jazz / boogaloo instrumental hidden away on a flipside. Master-Saxophonist Big Al blows his way through an addictive piano assisted mid-paced 1961 instrumental stroller. ADDICTIVE! Sears, Big Al Gator: 301 Artist Sears, Big Al Label Gator: 301 Format 45 A side Circuit Breaker B side Crying Year 61 City new york, n.y. Tracklisting Written & Big Al Sear & Paul Griffith Flip Writtenby Roy Orbison & Jow Melson £ 20.00 @,_BIG_AL 2017 PG7 available now only whilst stock last.. @ SEPTEMBERRead More

Sonic & Shadow – Lullaby for a Prince

Finally! I finished this remake! I can’t believe it took me months to do this O.o -Story- NOTE* The allegory in this video does not agree with the canon. It was based on the Archie Comics, whereas I created a few twists (For instance, Maria is still alive in Sonic’s generation). * And for those who don’t like SonSal, you can just change the whole marriage part. Sonic was already born a prince anyway, since he was raised by Queen Aleena. This is why I didn’t include Sally in theRead More