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America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places 2014

America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places has identified more than 250 threatened one-of-a-kind historic treasures since 1988. Learn more about this year’s sites at source

When I Was Young

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The Clash of Digitalizations (33c3) – deutsche Übersetzung The Devolution of Arab Men from Humans to Digital Fodder This talk discusses the representation of Arab males in video games and the adverse effect it has on the collective political imagination. Anonymous military-aged Arab men become increasingly the exception to the laws of human rights, and become default targets for conventional and unmanned drone attacks. This devolution is seen through the lens of the changing nature of conflict through digitalization, the collapse of the nation state in Iraq and Syria, and the future of war. [‘Saud Al-Zaid’] source

“Assam’s Political Turmoil: An Insider Perspective” – Discussion with Dr Haren Das

This is an abridged version of the guest lecture given by Dr Haren Das, Chairman, Assam Industrial Development Corporation, in IIM-A as part of Public Policy SIG. Assam has always been associated with images of pristine tea estates and verdant hills. But Assam has also seen its share of political turmoil for decades now. Mainstream media, just like numerous central governments, have not paid enough attention to Assam and the issues it has faced. Public Policy SIG gives you an opportunity to learn more about the Assam’s deep rooted issues.Read More


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Antonín Dvořák – Mein Lied ertönt (My song resounds with love) Tara Gruszkiewicz, mezzo-soprano

Mein Lied ertönt, ein Liebespsalm, : op. 55 no. 1 by Antonín Dvořák. Poetry adapted from original Czech by Adolf Heyduk. Sung by Tara Gruszkiewicz, mezzo-soprano Piano: Saffron Chung Video: Jeff Downing Concert: CantantiPROJECT Presents Spring’s Awakening Holyrood Episcopal Church, Manhattan April 17th, 2016 [ENGLISH TRANSLATION] My song resounds with love when the old day is dying; it is sowing its shadows and reaping a collections of pearls. My song resonates with longing while my feet roam distant lands. My homeland is in the distant wilderness – my song stirsRead More

Cómo Ecualizar Baterías | Sonido Metallica

En este tutorial enseño cómo mezclar baterías, ecualizándolas para que los toms y bombo suenen como el Black Album de Metallica. Sonido Metallica paso a paso: 1) Quitarles medios (aproximadamente 500 Hz y alrededores) a los cuerpos de la batería, o sea, el bombo y todos los toms. 2) Agregarles graves (entre 30 y 120 Hz, dependiendo del cuerpo del instrumento) 3) Agregarles agudos (alrededor de 5000 Hz, en algunos casos hasta 7000 Hz) NOTA: Los valores de frecuencia que muestro en el video son estimativos, dependen muchísimo del tipoRead More


Glamnation Party en The Roxy Palermo Hollywood Mucho rock, mucho glamour en la Fiesta más caliente del país. The Roxy Palermo Hollywood – Niceto Vega 5542 MIERCOLES 30 DE ABRIL — JUEVES FERIADO EN VIVO CROSSROADS: Homenaje a Bon Jovi con Gabriel Marian (Ex Rata Blanca), Ricky Griego Alonso (Alakran), Chino Retamozo (Ex Rata Blanca), Lucio Antolini (Perpendicular) y Riny Dee (Hollywood Bitch) e invitados especiales. COVERHEADS: Luego de la gira Sudamericana junto a Guns N´ Roses, Coverheads regresa a la Glamnation. Coverheads viene de presentarse el pasado 16 deRead More

FLUB – Salieri

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