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June is Migraine and Headache Consciousness Month, a devoted time for migraine specialists and different well being care suppliers, affected person advocates and the migraine neighborhood to unite their voices to advocate for migraine recognition and remedy. The 2018 theme is “You Are Not Alone,” and it reminds folks dwelling with migraine that greater than 37 million different folks empathize and might really feel their ache.

My spouse routinely will get complications that may degree a traditional human. Whereas she nonetheless retains going as if nothing is going on, I say this, not as a result of I can really feel her ache or really know the extent, however as a result of she tells me she is in ache. If she says it, I do know it might take me out, as a result of she has superhuman ache tolerance – she labored, at house, for 36 hours with out meds!

I believe she is having migraines. She simply retains transferring.

Myths and misconceptions round migraines abound. They perpetuate themselves and feed the stigma related to Migraines. Under are a few of the most prevalent M

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