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[QUOTE in Zeph’s own words/] HATE GROUPS… hating Jews or hating Catholics, when Prostestant is no different… alternative Online Xtianity same thing… memes of control… falling into one mind set or another, the rapture cult, the serpent seed cult, the anti-Catholic cult, all based on dividing groups into small controllable maleable entities, with the idea of creating lack of faith through false prophecy, wrong interpretation, or just giving people their fix regarding the end of the world.

After this one I’m finished here… I do not wish to associate with any of this at all. Been commenting on it for years and there is nothing more I can add… when I see others contacting my friends telling them to listen to this “leader” or that to “Help their walk with Jesus” I cringe… As far as I’m concerned they’re all bad, nonproductive, and lead people out of the spirit and into fear. Not fear of the Lord but fear of losing their: a) freedom, b) lives etc…

With the Advent of the New Pope, a new round of smack is occurring, people torturing themselves to make this individual fit the end-time paradigm.

No one is saying it’s great out there…no one is saying it isn’t bad, or that bad things won’t happen, invariably they will…

Meanwhile I do not wish to be commercial or competitive with music, pods or whatever else at this point… I’m not going to sell out to be approved of or have connections in any of these realms… we are free in Christ, right? We are set free and the legal indictment over with. So must live like it.

Fall mountains just don’t fall on me…. Let the sky fall, Chicken Little…

Now I use this audio blog in the future I’m not sure. But somehow I don’t want to be their mind control slave, buying into this scenario or that… hating this group or that. I don’t hate the purveyors of false predictions, just can’t get caught up in it anymore, life is too short.

I’m not giving up on America, on God’s love, on good will toward men… it looks bad, so bad if you buy in they got you, but don’t want to go into fear mode… There is always hope. Always. [/UNQUOTE]


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